Anders (late 40s), a single father and peripheral poet, loses his job as a critic when he writes a review of a book that doesn’t exist. With no formal education, he ends up at the Yard, a transshipment hub for car imports. He becomes an outcast, a nameless stranger with a four-­‐digit number, who must face the suspicions of his immigrant co-­‐workers and the strict regulations of the Swedish management. An unexpected friendship with a colleague, Hilal, and his illegal relative, triggers a rift between Anders and his teenage son. Personal morals are pitted against the demands of fatherhood in an escalating conflict that is ultimately resolved by a lie.



Production Details

  • Runtime

    80 min
  • Broadcaster

    SVT, YLE, C-More
  • Commissioning Editor

    Hanne Palmqvist (SVT), Johan Fernes (YLE), Ole Stehen Stolberg (C-More)
  • Director

    Måns Månsson
  • Scriptwriter

    Sara Nameth
  • Cast

    Anders Mossling, Hilal Shoman, Axel Roos, Alexandra Zetterberg Ehn, Robert Bengtsson, Dennis Axnér
  • Camera

    Ita Zbroniec-Zajt
  • Producers

    Emma Åkesdotter Ronge (Anagram Film & TV)
  • Co-producers

    Matthias Krause (Lucky Bird Pictures)
  • With backing from

    Swedish Film Institute (SWE), Film i Skåne (SWE), Malmö Stad (SWE), MEDIA (SWE), Oresund Film Commission (SWE), Nordmedia (D)


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t. +49(0)89 4 11 88 900

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