The Mission

An exciting thriller within the milieu of witness-protection, written by triple Grimme prize winning author Holger Karsten Schmidt, realized by Student Academy Award winner Florian Baxmeyer.

The 16-year-old Miki Witt witnesses the murder in the criminal milieu of a high-risk clan. Hence, the State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) takes him and his parents under a witness-protection program. It is the first mission for the witness protector Sarah Brandt, over which she also has to take the leadership. What cannot be guessed is that this mission will ask her to make the choice of her life.

Production Details

  • Runtime

    105 mins / 90 mins
  • Broadcaster

    ARD / Degeto
  • Commissioning Editor

    Carolin Haasis, Sascha Schwingel (ARD Degeto Film)
  • Director

    Florian Baxmeyer
  • Scriptwriter

    Holger Karsten Schmidt
  • Cast

    Anna Bederke, Anja Kling, Aaron Hilmer, Oliver Masucci, Gregor Bloéb, Johannes Allmayer, Sina Bianca Henschel, Stefano Bernadrin, Michael Mendl
  • Composer

    Christoph Zirngibl
  • Camera

    Katharina Bühler
  • Producers

    Oliver Schündler
  • Co-producers

    Viola Film (Service Production Italy)
  • World sales

    Studio Hamburg GmbH


Lucky Bird Pictures
+49 89 411 88 900

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