Watzmann investigates

Chief Inspector Benedikt Beissl is used to act alone in his precinct in Berchtesgaden – only until his new colleague crops up. Jerry Paulsen is not only Beissls complete opposite – charming, talkative and open-heartedly -, as son of a German mother and an American GI he has a different skin colour. Nevertheless Beissl is bothered most by Jerry being the boyfriend of his beloved daughter Johanna – making him his future son-in-law. Beissl is driven up the wall by the pleasant personality of the “Wannabe Obama”.

Once the two Inspectors start investigating, though, private issues are left out – at least most of the time. At work they are men with attitude, no cool cops. Beissl would like to protect his sound family from the world out there, of which unfortunately even Berchtesgaden is part of. His wife Elisabeth and his daughter Johanna, a local journalist, know that, too. It is good to know that eventually the family can always rely on each other – including new family members such as Jerry Paulsen.

After the successful broadcast in May and June 2019 we are happy to announce the start of shooting of the following eight episodes on August 6th.

Production Details

  • Runtime

    16 x 48 Min.
  • Broadcaster

    ARD / BR
  • Commissioning Editor

    Elmar Jaeger, Antje Schlüter (BR)
  • Director

    Tom Zenker, Carsten Fiebeler, John Delbridge, Heidi Kranz
  • Scriptwriter

    Paul J. Milbers, Stefan Betz, Karin Michalke, Julie Fellmann, Herbert Kugler, Simone Zahn, Klaus Rohne, Christian Lex & Angelika Schwarzhuber, Christine Otto & Sophia Immich, Ulrike Barlow, Jochen Greve & Martin Walch, Henriette Bär
  • Cast

    Andreas Giebel, Peter Marton, Ines Lutz, Nepo Fitz, Sarah Thonig, Barbara Weinzierl, Kathrin von Steinburg, Leonie Brill u.v.m.
  • Camera

    Thomas Schiller, Niv Abootalebi, Christoph Poppke, Maximilian Lips
  • Producers

    Bettina Rickleffs (BR) (exec.), Boris Ausserer und Oliver Schündler


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