Sex sells!

Housewife becomes porn producer!

After the tragic death of her husband, Marie (39, housewife and mother) has to take care of the two adolescent children by herself.
Fortunately her husband was a successful entrepreneur. But the supposedly reputable “internet company” emerges as a company for hardcore adult entertainment! Suddenly Marie has become what she never wanted to be: a porn producer.

Production Details

  • Runtime

    96 Min
  • Broadcaster

  • Commissioning Editor

    Jochen Ketschau
  • Director

    Andy Niessner
  • Scriptwriter

    Ilja Haller
  • Based on

    HARD (France)
  • Cast

    Valerie Niehaus, Tom Beck, Judith Rosmair, Hildegard Schmahl, Helmfried von Lüttichau, Maria Ehrich
  • Camera

    Bernd Neubauer
  • Producers

    Oliver Schündler, Boris Ausserer


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